Pink Onesie Cupcake Baby Gift or Shower Table Centerpiece

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So simply adorable yet packed with so much the new mommy can use for the little arrival! Our onesie cupcake can be used for gift giving or as baby shower table centerpieces that mommy can take home and use! No more wasted flowers. This listing is for the pictured style pink baby gift onesie cupcake. Each cupcake will feature the following ingredients:

~ baby girl onesie (sizes will range between newborn to 12 months)

~ baby girl matching leggings (sizes will range between newborn 12 months but will be the same as the onesie)

~ 1 pair of baby socks

~ 1 pink washcloth

~ 1 hot pink stretch crochet headband

LOTS of fun and exciting things inside of our little cupcake. Use them to decorate the tables for her baby shower or send them as a gift. Exact clothing will vary but will be for a baby girl and features pinks in the color scheme! Each cupcake will arrive wrapped individually in tulle, tied with ribbons and bows, and feature an ingredient card for the new mom.

**** The candle holder is meant for display purposes only and is not included.