Neutral Rustic Diaper Cake Table Centerpiece Gift Set

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Just one cake isn't enough! You need MORE decorations and lots of fun for the new or expecting mommy? This set is sure to PLEASE!! This set includes the 3 tier custom receiving blanket centerpiece diaper cake as well as 2 mini diaper cupcakes to add to the fun. Spread the diaper cupcakes around the tables and you not only have gorgeous one of a kind party decorations, but you have something the new mommy and baby can take home and use. Full set description below!

3 Tier Cake:

Our cake features 67 Pampers size 1 diapers that are rolled and secured using rubber bands and ribbon for easier access and if needed, we use pearl bead pins for additional security. Each layer of our cake is wrapped in a 30" x 30" snuggle flannel receiving blanket. Exact fabric may vary from the photos but we try to get as close as possible with current supply availability. Handmade and fabric flowers adorn the cake and are created using baby socks and baby washcloths. Every part of our cake is usable for the new baby girl and mommy.

Cake ingredients:

~ 67 pampers size 1 diapers

~ 6 baby washcloths

~ 3 pair of baby socks

~ 3 snuggle flannel receiving blankets (embroidered name an option)

~ 2 fabric flowers for nursery room decor

~ 1 mini straw decorator hat for nursery room decor

2 Mini Diaper Cupcakes:

Each mini diaper cupcake features 10 Pampers size 1 diapers that are rolled and secured tightly with rubber bands and ribbons so they are easy for the new mommy dis-assemble. Each cupcake is wrapped in a 30" x 30" flannel receiving blanket that can be used for the sweet little upcoming arrival. Top of cake is decorated with shredded decorative paper and a gorgeous fabric rose that can be used in the nursery room decor. Prior to shipping, all diaper cakes are wrapped in tulle and tied with ribbons and bows.


SHIPPING: If you are shipping directly to the recipient, simply let us know and we will be happy to include a gift note in the package with your sentiments.*****

**********HOW SHIPPING WORKS************

Currently, our diaper cakes ship free via USPS Ground services in the continental United States. Delivery time once shipped varies from 2-9 business days depending upon location. For clients needing a quicker shipping method, email us for an upgraded shipping price quote.