Masquerade Black and White Tutu Costume

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Dramatic, bold, daring, and FUN! This costume listing includes the bustle tail tutu, sports bra top, and mask similar to that shown in photos. Mask styles are always changing but you will receive one that matches and compliments the costume!

Our Sweetheart masquerade bustle style tail tutu features a silver satin ribbon waist design. Each strand of tulle is hand tied tightly for the fullness shown in photos. Front and sides of the tutu are short and sassy while the back features a solid black one length tail. Tail should measure to approximately mid-calf or mid knee depending upon preference. Color scheme is black, white, and silver.

Sport bra will be a solid white design and feature a black marabou trim around the front as shown. Mask will be similar to the photos but may vary as described above. 


Each costume is custom made for each client so please be sure to let us know the following measurements:

1. waist

2. front / side length - measure from waist to mid thigh or just above the knee depending upon preference

3. tail length - measure from waist to mid calf

4. sports bra size