Elephant Diaper Cake Purple Gray Baby Shower Centerpiece Gift Set

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This listing is a customized order to meet your baby shower décor and gift giving needs. Photo #1 shows the FULL DELUXE SET but below are a list of package options depending upon the size of your party. Please select which party package you want to purchase from the drop down menu for pricing options. If you don't see the option you are seeking, simply email us and we will be happy to create a custom listing for you. Seeking a different color pattern? Email us to customize your selection. Below is a description of each item.

Package A:
Deluxe Full Set: Package A includes the following full set: 3 tier diaper cake centerpiece, 4 diaper cupcakes with toppers. The 3 tier diaper cake centerpiece features approximately 76 Pampers Baby Dry size 1 diapers. Each tier is wrapped in a custom fabric receiving blanket. Exact fabrics may vary due to seasonal availability but colors and theme will be similar. An embroidered elephant baby bib is found on the front of the cake. Four washcloth flowers with baby sock centerpieces also adorn the cake. Decorative shredding paper accents the cake and an elephant cardstock topper completes the look. Cake will arrive wrapped in tulle and tied with curling ribbons for gift giving and feature a recipe card. Cake is supported on a cake board. Each diaper cupcake features 7 Pampers Baby Dry size 1 diapers, wrapped with a baby girl stretch crochet headband and topped with a cute cardstock elephant matching topper as shown.

Totals for Package A:
~ 3 custom fabric receiving blankets
~ 1 embroidered elephant bib
~ 6 baby washcloths
~ 2 pair baby socks
~ 5 cardstock toppers
~ 4 baby headbands
~ 1 baby bottle
~ 104 Pampers size 1 diapers

Package B:
Diaper Cake only: Package B is priced for the centerpiece diaper cake only and includes:
~ 3 custom fabric receiving blankets
~ 1 embroidered baby bib
~ 2 pair of baby socks
~ 6 baby washcloths
~ 1 baby bottle
~ approximately 76 Pampers size 1 diapers

Package C:
Diaper Cupcakes Only: Package C is priced for the 4 diaper cupcakes only. Each cupcake will arrive wrapped in tulle and tied with curling ribbons.
~ 28 Pampers size 1 diapers

~ 4 cupcake toppers

~ 4 purple stretch crochet baby headbands